Book: "Intelligence Behind the Universe!"

Author: Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc (Hons)

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          At the dawn of the age of science this infant discipline seemed a threat to the established Church. For centuries their incompatibilities seemed to widen. But the advent of quantum mechanics promises to heal the rift.

A problem of long standing in quantum theory is posed by the curious way the most minute particles of matter behave. All elements, like iron, when sub-divided until they can be divided no further, are found to be made up of identical atoms. Yet these in turn are composed of sub-atomic particles which do not move like objects of large size. If, for example, some small holes exist in a mask enclosing a source of sub-atomic particles, so they can be made to fly out in all directions at random, then most particles will hit the mask as expected. But any which happen to go through one of the holes move in manner which suggests they pass through all the other holes as well simultaneously! Such particles seem to move as if spread out like waves on a pond. Yet subatomic particles cannot be waves since they also behave as if they are little hard balls when they hit each other. They act as if they are waves whilst moving through empty space, only collapsing into tiny particles when they hit some obstruction like a screen. So sometimes they behave as if they are waves and at other times as particles. This behaviour is known as "wave-particle duality".

All known attempts at resolution of the dilemma this poses contain internal contradictions or demand impossible assumptions. But the physics which is throwing up these unsatisfactory explanations has a purely atheistic base. A new solution is described, however, based on a common-sense logic which is argued to be totally free from such objections. It homes in on a picture which is inconsistent with the atheistic view. Instead it comes out highly supportive of a creationist scenario and shows that the idea that humankind has an indestructible seat of consciousness or "soul" is consistent with the new extension to physics. Yet wave-particle duality is only one of two key factors of a combined theory leading to exciting new horizons. Both are therefore dealt with in considerable detail.

The other unresolved problem is posed by gravitation. The established view is that Einstein's theory called "General Relativity" is the best in existence. Unlike quantum theory, which concerns the very small range of size, Einstein's relativity theories concern the very large scale. 

Unfortunately his theories are not internally consistent and even devoted adherents say they are inconsistent with quantum theory. For over sixty years physicists have been struggling to reconcile the two but despite every twist and turn they have made no solution to the dilemma has emerged. Yet toward the end of his life Einstein himself was suggesting that he could have been on the wrong track after all!

An amazingly simple solution is presented based on an extension to the ideas of Newton. He said that the gravitational force between two massive objects was proportional to the mass of one multiplied by that of the other as well as being affected by their distance of separation. In the new theory energy replaces mass, but this energy has added to it the energy due to any speed of motion. Also space, based on the concepts of quantum theory, is full of invisible particles so that it behaves rather like air.

A gas, such as air, consists of many molecules which are like little balls flying about all over the place and bumping into one another. They cannot be seen individually because they are so tiny, but the overall effect is that a gas can flow freely as a fluid. And just as air is compressed by gravity toward the surface of a planet, so that it is thinner at high altitude, so is space. A difference is that space flows without any frictional drag. So space is treated as a "compressible superfluid", an idea which does not seem to have appeared in any prior literature concerning gravitation. These two ideas in combination make all the difference, so that a successful theory of quantum gravitation is seen to emerge. The compressibility of space has the same effect as the "curved-spacetime" of Einstein's theory of gravitation for which he is so famous. But the new theory matches the experimental observations just as well. At the same time all the contradictions and difficulties associated with Einstein's theory vanish like the morning mist!

Then it transpires that other universes of invisible matter could interpenetrate our own without resistance. All need to be supported on an intelligent computer-like background which permeates all space, yet permits space and matter to flow through it as if they had an independent existence. All universes now appear as deliberately contrived illusions but only ours provides gravitation. The others borrow ours so their planets are anchored to our own. Then as a consequence they appear to have different laws of physics. The end results are predictions consistent with the so-called "paranormal", psychic phenomena and spirituality.


I feel I must dedicate this book to three people. My parents set the stage by providing an environment in my early years which favoured creativity. My father was a physics schoolteacher of an unusual kind. He built all his own apparatus in his home workshop, using it at school to teach by experiment. He ran classes after school for his boys, showing them how to build and fly model aeroplanes. His hobby workshop was an exciting place for a boy, both in early childhood as well as in his teens. Such a background provides a wonderful start for a career in science or engineering.

I also wish to put on record the back up I have had from my wife Margaret for which I am most grateful.



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