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- Chapter 10 -

Can Other Universes Exist?


10.1 Why Ask the Question?

          A picture has been built up in three spatial dimensions plus time and energy to explain our universe. The energy has three forms, positive and negative physical energy and the abstract psychic form needed for control. No other universes in other dimensions have been required. This does not mean, however, that other universes cannot exist. Indeed, the evidence considered in the previous chapter seemed to suggest that all observed phenomena cannot be fully explained by the Grid concept alone. For example, healers claim to have guides which to most people are totally invisible and undetectable in any way. Poltergeist activity also indicates the possibility that some interpenetrating system of matter may exist. Can our extended physics probe into this domain?

There is plenty of room for the elementary particles of other forms of matter to hide within our atoms. There is no need to postulate other dimensions in which the matter forms of other universes could reside.

This suggestion has caused some critics to complain that a contradictory statement has just been made. Any other forms of matter to which we are unable to couple must by definition exist in higher dimensions they postulate. Now I have a hologram. It is a picture of a spider about three inches long. It is a real image which stands out from a glass plate. This plate contains the interference pattern which causes the image to arise of course. I can pass my fingers through this image or I can measure its height above the plate with a ruler. I can in fact determine all its dimensions. Because I can interpenetrate the image without feeling any force I do not interpret this to mean that the spider exists in a set of higher dimensions!

Other kinds of matter can interpenetrate ours in a very similar way. If some special material from our universe could be made with identical atomic spacing to theirs, it might be possible to form an interface between the two systems, a kind of hard facing to prevent interpenetration. Then we would be able to see and touch the interface representing matter normally invisible and which ordinarily interpenetrates ours. Indeed such a mechanism might be involved in the sightings of ghosts or other materialisations.

In FIG.5 the Grid is represented by a set of horizontal and vertical lines. Crossing it is shown the cubic lattice of a certain kind of matter organised by wave functions emanating from the Grid. Then crossing in the other direction a crystal from a finer form of matter, also organised by the same Grid, is shown. At one place the two kinds of matter pass through one another without any kind of mutual interference.

From the viewpoint of physics other kinds of atom could be built having elementary particles structured like ours from positive and negative forms of energy, bound by the mediators of space. But the mediators need to be selectively coupled so that there is no interference between different matter-systems. Selective coupling is in any case required to structure a single matter-system so that electrons do not feel the strong force confined within the atomic nucleus and to produce the effect of electrical charge. Frequency, or alternatively wavelength, has been proposed with particles tuned in to mediators to provide such selectivity.

Michael Roll in television broadcasts has adopted this idea. He likens different systems of matter to the different carrier waves of the various television channels. They all exist together in the same space but it is only possible to tune in to any one of them at once. The others are still present but are not perceived. The idea that matter is composed of vibrations seems to have been around for many decades. Only matter-systems of a given waveband are made from waves, which are able to couple. The remainder interpenetrate and remain unsensed. In this way several interpenetrating matter systems could exist simultaneously in the same place. Each would be part of a whole unsensed universe, not existing in some remote region away from us but right here passing through us.

With the new insight gleaned from a close look at wave-particle duality it would seem that these matter waves are abstract. They correspond with the psychic energies we have been discussing. They are the wavefunctions patterned on the Grid and the sub-atomic particles themselves are particles, not waves. These are required, however, to be able to recognise abstract waves within a certain frequency band and reject all others.

This idea suffers from frequency changes due to Doppler shifting, unfortunately. The "Doppler effect" can be observed when a train is heard with its whistle blowing. As it approaches the pitch seems high and this falls to a lower value as the train speeds past. The effect is due to the speed of the train causing a shortening of wavelength as it approaches and a lengthening as it recedes.

An additional "relativity" effect will also apply at speeds close to that of light. Einstein's theory of special relativity showed that a time dilation effect will arise when particles move at high speeds. In the new theory the same effect is predicted. This time it is due to the increased inertia of accelerated matter consequent upon the addition of kinetic energy. Any mechanical vibrations are slowed by the increase of mass as energy increases.

So that with the combined Doppler and relativity effects detuning would occur if high speed particles used only unprocessed frequency to govern coupling. This cannot, therefore, be the complete answer. However, the Grid possesses vast computing power and is able to sense the speed and position of particles. Therefore the necessary corrections can be made as a computer function.

There must be some other discriminator at work for creating the effect of electric charge. Wave frequency can restrict coupling to a given waveband; then an additional factor is needed to cut out all but selected kinds of mediator so that like charges repel and unlike attract.

Fortunately there is another means of coupling which can supplement frequency selection. "Spin coupling" is known and is able to provide the required supplementary effect. In our matter photons couple with electrons to produce the effect of electric charge. The virtual photons of space are therefore recognised in physics to be the mediators responsible. This will be considered in more detail a little later.

Photon-electron coupling is also responsible for vision. This is because vision depends on a process rather like the photoelectric effect taking place in the retina of the eye.

Hence, if a companion planet housed life-forms, operating on a different waveband, they would be invisible to us and could walk right through our walls without any resisting force whatever being felt. Yet in their world their matter would seem as solid to them as ours does to us. But they would appear like ghosts to us, like phantoms devoid of substance. But we could walk through their walls just as easily, so we would look like ghosts to them.

An illustration of the way a spin-coupling scheme can explain the electric force according to the new theory is given in FIG.6. Mediators of both positive and negative energy are continuously thrown off to create the effects of both positive and negative charge. But the negative charge throws off its mediators with spins opposite that of the positivem charge. In this way when two negative charges interact, they absorb the positive energy mediators from one another whilst ignoring those of negative energy. When opposite charges interact the mediators of negative momentum are recognised so that attraction occurs. In this case the mediators are made of negative energy. It was shown in Chapter 5 that mediator absorption would lead to charged particles continuously gaining energy when in orbit so that a buoyancy model had to be used instead. The spin-coupling scheme is just as valid, however, but needs a different mechanism. In this case recognition of an incoming spin direction means that the charged particle offers a larger volume to that mediator than it does to one which is not recognised. Buoyancy-type forces are proportional to the effective volumes of sub-atomic particles multiplied by the partial pressure gradient of the mediators.

In order to account for the spin and magnetic moment of the electron, a study given in Chapter T.S.3 showed this could not be an elementary particle as is normally assumed. It needed to be a composite of at least two bodies of positive energy, coupled by mediators of the negative kind. Other sub-atomic particles such as protons and neutrons also need to consist of both forms of energy with one kind dominant, since they are also compound structures.

Hence the universe needs to be a composite system of positive and negative energies in more than one sense. It has already been shown in Chapter 5 that space without matter consists of an exact balance of positive and negative energies, which are mostly accounted for by the mediating particles on which the forces of nature depend. With matter added in concentrated lumps of net positive energy a tenuous halo of balancing negative energy needs to be superimposed on space. This halo stretches out for about a billion light-years from each object and causes the primary force of gravitation. Now each lump of matter is seen to be itself a composite of positive and negative with the positive form dominant.

10.2 Other Possible Kinds of Matter

From the foregoing it is clear that it could easily have been the negative energy component of matter which was in excess.

If the net mass of a companion system was negative, then all the forces of action and reaction required to produce motion would be reversed. The mass sign of all mediators also needs to be reversed. A detailed study, described in Chapter 5 and summarised in the TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT (i.e. T.S.), has shown that such a matter-system would have exactly the same responses as our own. INTELLIGENCE BEHIND THE UNIVERSE!

This symmetry is illustrated in FIG.4 and also in FIG.14 (T.S.). So a negative-state universe could exist which would appear identical in every way to our own, assuming ours is positive. By observation it would not be possible to tell that the energy of construction was opposite from our own unless matter from the two could be made to interact.

But if it did exist, unable to couple with ours, then it would not be possible to tell the difference. If its physical energy exactly balanced ours, then space would also need to be in exact balance. Then there would be no mediators for gravitation and so no gravitational forces could exist. It follows that if other universes exist, they need to have predominantly the same sign of mass/energy as our own.

A second variant could exist in which the real subatomic particles were of opposite mass/energy. For example, the nuclei could be positive and have electrons of negative mass around them. A particularly simple coupling scheme then becomes feasible. The effect of like charges repelling and unlike attracting, as in our system, can then be produced by each object sending out mediators of its own kind of mass/energy. The end result would, however, be a universe acting much the same as our own. Hence from our viewpoint it would not appear remarkable.

But a third variant could exist whose behaviour would look most magical. It is a special hybrid case in which some atoms could have net negative mass whilst others were positive.

If these were exactly balanced, then the net energy of such matter would be zero. It would have no net inertia. Any life-forms constructed from it would be similarly balanced with no inertia. Then the most extraordinary properties can be predicted by physics. Firstly, it would be possible to accelerate almost to the speed of light by application of the slightest propulsive force. It would not be possible to kill anyone by firing bullets at them. The target would simply jump away. But even stranger properties can be predicted.

If two equal positive masses are free to move but are joined by a stretched spring which is released, then they will spring together and bounce apart. If now the experiment is conducted with one of the masses made negative, the same force will produce the opposite accelerating response on that element only. If the reader is unable to comprehend the next development, then reference to the T.S. is recommended, to the section explaining Newtonian mechanics using FIG.14 (T.S.).

The required extension to cover negative energy is also described there, referring also to FIG.4 in detail. An extraordinary phenomenon predicted by the extended Newtonian physics will then appear. Both masses will continuously accelerate away in the same direction! They will maintain their separating distance, so the spring force will not diminish. So they will gain speed indefinitely. Each member of the "accelerating pair" will gain in its own kind of energy and momentum, yet no conservation laws will be violated. This is because the values cancel so that the pair as a whole always has zero net energy and momentum. The response can be varied by adjusting the spring force "F".

The systems are compared in FIG.7. The masses could be atoms coupled by adjustable electric forces and built into living creatures. They would have the ability to adjust their weight at will to any comfort level simply by pointing an adjustable fraction of all the accelerating pairs downwards. By pointing some of them upwards to cancel the acceleration of gravitation they could levitate and live like a fish without obvious support. Then by pointing some in any desired direction they could accelerate within seconds to speeds close to that of light without feeling any force.

Even though the net inertia of the pair is always zero, change of speed cannot be instantaneous. This is because each component is made from a finite quantity of energy and so requires a force of acceleration. This force cannot be infinite. However, if of the order of the electric force coupling atoms, this force can be very large as compared with those we normally experience. Hence accelerations could appear extremely high in comparison with those available to us. The pair would still be limited to speeds less than light. However, it has already been shown in chapter 9 that an alternative "apport" system of transport is allowable by extended physics, which would permit change of location at a speed many times faster than light.

People in such a universe of balanced energy would have no energy problem. Any power requirement could be obtained by engines based on accelerating pairs. In effect they would be using pure creation as a source of energy. To scientists and engineers who have studied thermodynamics this statement must look like pure heresy. The First Law of Thermodynamics states: "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed," full stop.

All experimental checks made so far appear to support this statement absolutely. But the statement is based upon a physics which denies the existence of negative energy states. As soon as these are allowed, a different situation appears and it becomes necessary to relax the law to a substantial degree. It should now be written:

"The net physical energy of the entire universe can never be altered and must remain zero at all times."

This permits the creation and destruction of physical energies, provided both kinds arise or disappear simultaneously in exactly equal amounts. The existing first law now appears as a special case arising when there is no possibility of change in negative energies. Furthermore, it will be shown later that with a carefully designed experiment a discrepancy in the accepted definition is predicted to arise if measurements are made with sufficient resolution.

Hence there is no reason why energy cannot be created from nothing. The only stipulation is that the conservation laws of energy and momentum should not be violated. With balanced systems of matter this is readily achieved because both positive and negative energies are simultaneously created in equal amounts. It cannot be regarded as impossible simply because we have not so far achieved such an energy-generating system. After all, the consensus of physicists is that the whole universe suddenly created itself from nothing. If everything arose this way in the first place, then why should it not be possible to achieve the same result on a smaller scale?

The internal engines of life-forms of exactly balanced energies could operate by adaptations of accelerating pairs and so companion people would never need to eat.

But their matter could have no mediators of gravitation emanating from it to produce a gravitational force. This is because their matter-system is already balanced. It was shown in CHAPTER 5 that our matter has unbalanced energy, so that the balance was achieved by a tenuous halo of negative energy stretching out for about a billion light-years to provide the primary cause of gravitation. So a companion universe of balanced energies would have no gravity of its own to hold its planets together. It would exist in the space compressed by our gravity, however. It would therefore be gravitationally coupled to our matter, even though uncoupled with respect to electric or nuclear forces.

In the TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT it is shown that particles of both positive and negative physical energies will respond by accelerating in the same direction in space whose density is not uniform. They are both directed toward the places where the virtual particles are more closely packed, which in turn is caused by the presence of ponderous matter. Hence matter of exactly balanced energies will still fall just like our own on hitting the ground, however, it will stop without any force being felt and there will be no natural weight. This is because the components are being pulled equally in opposite directions. If a living organism wishes to experience weight, then this needs to be deliberately simulated. Zero weight implies that accelerating pairs are not activated. Activation could be readily controlled by variation of the pair-coupling force "F" and by the alignment of pairs in a given direction. Pointing them all downwards would simulate the effect of weight.

It would be relatively easy for life-forms to point their pairs upward and control "F" to such a value as to exactly neutralise the natural acceleration of gravity. Then the organism would exhibit no weight and could readily levitate and hover.

Planets of matter in exactly balanced energies could not hold together by themselves and so they could not have an independent existence. They would have to use gravity "borrowed" from a companion planet like ours, and so could only condense about the planets of our system of matter.

At this point the reader may have noticed that the descriptions given for the behaviour of creatures made from exactly balanced energies closely match those of so-called "spirits". Hence the available data seems to support their existence in balanced energy states. This may seem an outrageous statement. However, reports of the kind given by Arthur Findlay, who studied their behaviour via direct voice mediumship, give descriptions which match the predictions just made to a remarkable degree. It is therefore most unlikely that the planets of other systems of matter will be found moving independently of the objects in our universe.

In the manner just described life could exist around any planet of our solar system. It could even exist on the Sun! This is possible because the absence of coupling between matter-systems would prevent the transmission of heat. It is also perfectly feasible that life of the kind we know and that of companion substance could exist on other stars and their planetary systems.

We need to look out for evidence supporting life on other planets of our solar system, but made from companion systems of matter. If they are found, this would confirm the idea of their matter being made from exactly balanced energies. It is possible that the primary purpose of our system of matter is simply to provide the anchorage for other forms. By chance it dust so happens that our planet is suitable to support the life-forms with which we are familiar.

10.3 Life Forms as Composite Systems

It would be possible for living creatures, like us, to be composites, existing in several universes at once. All components would be controlled by the Grid to remain locked on to one another at all times. If each component were conscious at the same time, great confusion would result. Therefore it would be necessary to so programme the assembly that only one would be awake at any one time. The others would lie dormant, Yet would assimilate all experience felt by their companions by storage in their collective subconscious memory-bank. When one component reached the end of its life, then another would awake and take over the business of acquiring experience.

An alternative explanation is that there is only one mind for each person. This would be patterned in the switching-system of the Grid itself. It would be surrounded by a filter/barrier to cordon it off from the rest of the universe. In this way it would be protected from overload whilst permitting adequate coupling to relevant information. It would be programmed to act through the matter-interfacing system of the lowest order of the complete assembly. This means that our physical brains would then provide the interface which enables the body to be controlled. All other companion matter-systems of the assembly would be bypassed in this arrangement. They would lie dormant. Then the next higher interfacing system would be activated at the death-signal from the lower. In this case the programming would ensure the single mind entity interfaced through the brain of only a single system of matter at any one time in order to avoid confusion. It could be that schizophrenia results when the system is imperfect and allows more than one interface to act simultaneously.

Whichever explanation applies, it is clear that several states of awareness could be potentially available. Normally most could be filtered out so that only one is perceived.

It is just possible that a weak communication link between such states of awareness could exist. It is therefore no longer reasonable, on the basis of what is allowable by extended physics, to discount the possibility of mediumship being a genuine gift. People made in another system of matter might be able to coat themselves in a special substance to prevent interpenetration. Then they could speak to us directly by causing pressure waves to arise in our atmosphere

The interface could then also interact with our photons to render the surface visible. If the coating was only very thin, then the effect would be that of an apparition. It is no longer reasonable, therefore, to discredit people who claim to have seen ghosts walk through walls.

This is not the only plausible explanation for ghosts. A companion person might be able to transmit an image telepathically via the Grid. This would affect the brain in exactly the same way as input from neurones coupled to the eyes. The person would see the ghost image superimposed on the image received from the eyes. It would not be a "real" image in the accepted sense but it would describe a real person made from interpenetrating matter.

Indeed both phenomena just described appear to relate closely to those which have come to us via the route of mediumship. Other supporting evidence arises from frequently reported "out of body" experiences. Some report accelerations to immense speeds without effort. All report hovering in space, looking down on their bodies. One woman reported being shot out from the Earth to look down upon the entire globe from a point far out in space. Then she described the return. At no time were any forces experienced. This could only happen for a body built from balanced energies. Of course the report could have been a fabrication. But it cannot be discounted on the grounds of contravening the laws of physics.

None of these reports can be dismissed as absurd on the grounds that they do not accord with normal experience. As already explained, they all accord with expectations for the physics of exactly balanced systems of energy.

Another most interesting point arises. No reports seem to describe the "ethereal" body being observed from the owner's Earth body. Unless reports appear which contradict this statement, then the evidence suggests that the mind is separate from our bodies. In this case the second hypothesis is supported. The brain needs to be thought of as simply an interfacing system, arranged to enable the mind to act through it for control of the Earth body.

It therefore follows that the basis of most religions concerning the possibility of humans having souls is supportable by extended physics. Creatures could exist in more than one universe at once, linked only by common gravity and the all-pervading Grid. The Mind of an individual seems most likely to be a sectioned-off portion of the Grid, fitted out with a barrier to restrict the uncontrolled flood of information from the rest of the universe. If so, it could, from the viewpoint of extended physics, be clothed in several bodies of interpenetrating matter. One by one these could die off until finally only the mind-component remained. It would then be a disembodied mind. There is no reason why such a mind could not still interact with other minds, both disembodied or otherwise. It would live in a manner very similar to the computer simulation called "Life" originated by Conway.

Conway set up some simple logical rules to produce patterns of rectangular elements on a computer screen. Bordering elements would either create another next to it or die, with a final alternative of staying put, depending upon how many neighbouring elements existed. With these simple rules a whole unpredictable universe of effects arose. The game had no winners or losers, yet many people became quite "hooked". An ultimate life-form having a similar, but of course vastly more complex, basis is not impossible. After a few million years of such an existence, however, one imagines that things might start to get a little boring! It might be necessary to start again at square one just to retain sanity.

We may now be homing in on the reason why universes were created in the first place. They are deliberately isolated environments arranged so that the consciousness needs to work in order to ensure the survival of its temporary housing. Each matter-system is a deliberately contrived illusion.

The one to which we relate at the moment is, however, in dire trouble. The system has become unstable and is running out of control toward what looks perilously like a major disaster scenario. Let us therefore turn our attention to practical matters and see if our new insights can help us home in on a solution to our difficulties.



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