Book: "Intelligence Behind the Universe!"

Author: Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc (Hons)

Availability: From Michael Roll

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Ronald D. Pearson. BSc (Hons). Copyright. ISBN 0 947823 21 2

          The main topic of this book is written for the LAY READER, but a Technical Supplement is provided for those having a scientific bent. Ideas to solve the perplexing and long standing difficulties about gravitation spin-off into an explanation for the "Paranormal" as well! Then amazingly, from a base of theoretical physics, out comes support for the basic faiths man has held since antiquity! Without any doubt the puzzling way light and matter behave on a scale of size smaller than the atom point to an underlying intelligence pervading all matter and space. Not only was the universe created; it is being continuously regenerated at every instant. Not only that, several systems of matter can coexist interpenetrating each other, so giving scientific support to the idea that people have a separate consciousness or soul.

This SECOND EDITION follows one specially prepared to supplement a lecture concerning QUANTUM GRAVITATION presented to a packed audience of physicists at Leeds University on 18th January 1990. A lively discussion ensued.

Part II Technical Supplement - Quantum Gravitation

Because gravitation is closely linked with the main topic a simplified version of the new theory of quantum gravitation is appended as a technical section. This requires a knowledge of school "A" level physics and mathematics for its understanding. PART II should appeal particularly to engineers, physicists, and mathematicians because they all have an understanding of Newtonian mechanics.

A major spin-off provides clues to the possibility of harnessing a vast new totally non-polluting source of energy.

First Short Edition Distributed 20 February 1989



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