Book: "Intelligence Behind the Universe!"

Author: Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc (Hons)

Availability: From Michael Roll

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        I am greatly indebted to Sam Nicholls, BSc. (Phys), a newly graduated physicist of the University of Leeds. He said, "Thank goodness somebody has come up with an explanation for gravitation we can all understand." Then he organised the lecture delivered at that University on 18.1.90. This was the first time the extended Newtonian approach was presented. It is one of the two major concepts this book is based upon.

I wish also to express my gratitude to three eminent professional engineers who have tried to help by obtaining a value judgment of the new theory of gravitation via contacts in the discipline of physics. (They have not seen the other major concept dealing with wave-particle duality) . They are:

Dr. G.B.R. Feilden, CBE, FEng, FRS

Dr. J.H. Horlock, ScD, FEng, FRS (V.C. Open university)

Dr. R.P. Shreeve (Director, Turbopropulsion, Monterey)

All the physicists contacted were firm believers in the establishment view and were highly critical. However, all criticisms made were shown to be invalid and in no case was this response negated.

I wish also to place on record my thanks for help in presentation by my step-son, lecturer in business management, Mr. Roger Baty, a mathematician, Mr. P. Bentley, Mr. R.F. Taylor, editor of "Two Worlds" and Mr. R.W. Austin, BSc ARCS, another professional engineer.

Further Positive Support from a Physicist

In addition I wish to place on record my thanks to Professor J.P. Vigier (Paris). In a letter on behalf of "Physics Letters A" he gave support to a section of the theory concerning "gravitational potential energy". It is:

(Reply to my submission dated July 16th 1987)

Aug. 2nd 1987 The last version of your Letter now seems to me to be correct as far as our referees and myself can see. However, as I told you, the problems discussed therein are not within the range of subjects discussed in Physics Letters A and are more suitable for GRG or some journal like Fundamenta Scientiae. I feel that supporters of the Big Bang theory (of which I am not) should discuss the energy problem at creation time (if there is one) and your contribution should not be ignored. (You can utilise this statement if you want and be published). I hope you will succeed in this.

Yours sincerely,

J. Vigier.



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