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Author: Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc (Hons)

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- Chapter 9 -

Explaining the Unexplained or Exploring the Paranormal


          For hundreds of years reports have persistently appeared of "supernatural" phenomena. Colin Wilson(125) gives an interesting analysis of some of these in his book "Poltergeist!" In addition there has always been speculation about the validity of water-divining, black magic, white magic, spiritual healing, the sighting of ghosts, "out of body" experiences and telepathy. And this is by no means a complete list.

In previous centuries such things were discounted as hallucinations or deliberate fraud because they could not possibly be fitted into any scientific theory. But then the workings of the universe were being reconstructed before the implications of wave-particle duality were appreciated.

But is it scientific to discount reports simply because they cannot be explained? Better to file them for future reference in case they have some substance. Clearly, with a Grid connecting all things plausible explanations for such phenomena can be expected.

Perhaps the time has come to use these reports as input data!

A personal experience always seems to me the most convincing and so it seems appropriate to make a start by recounting one of these.

9.1 Psychometry

My wife Margaret made the crazy suggestion that we join a development circle for beginners to see if we had any psychic powers. I could not offer a logical objection, having already accidentally discovered that I had a theory which predicted psychic effects. This had arisen as spin-off from an extension to Newtonian physics. Yet it seemed absurd to think this spin-off into the paranormal could actually have a true bearing on reality. But I had to go along with the idea.

We both thought the first session rather childish and were not impressed. We seemed to be going back to childhood imagination games. We were pretending to open our imaginary heart chakras and throat chakras finishing up with our crown chakras. Then we were bringing down imaginary beams of light and surrounding ourselves with them. We were walking down avenues of trees and climbing down steps, then going through imaginary doors to sit in private imaginary refuges. All very silly.

Still we went along next week. This time, after the preliminaries, we had to place our hands in turn on the shoulders on the next person in the circle to see what we could pick up. I knew this wouldn't work and nothing happened, at least for me and for the only other male participant. But all the ladies got something! Each described seeing pictures which all turned out to have relevance for the person being touched. Despite their emotional and supposedly irrational nature the female brain seemed to work where ours did not. Perish the very thought! However, we enjoyed it much more this time. It did not seem so foolish when the pretending could produce results.

I asked Vic, who helps his wife Barbara in running the circle, a question to which I very much wanted an answer. I had heard that sensitives could obtain impressions of people from objects which belonged to them. Was this true? I asked. I was interested because my theory offered an explanation and I was seeking experimental confirmation.

To explain the puzzling scientific phenomenon of wave-particle duality, to which I have referred in earlier chapters, a computer-like "Grid" had to exist. It was composed of filaments fine-grained even on an atomic scale yet, criss-crossing one another, they pervaded all space. They connected everything to everything else yet were beyond our visual perceptions. The number crunching power of the Grid provided a control means for real physical energies both positive and negative. It provided the plan by which physical energies were organised to structure the matter of our universe. This computing power defined the true nature of the term "psychic energy". Like man-made computers, the Grid needed to incorporate a memory bank but this would be unimaginably huge by our standards. if sensitives could address this memory, then they were seeing the tiniest tip of a huge iceberg of information. It would not be surprising if the memories of all experiences were stored on the Grid inside atoms. If therefore there was any truth in the rumour I had heard, the human mind was able to penetrate right into the hearts of atoms. If the memory of the Grid could be read then valuable confirmation of the theory would exist.

Vic's answer was to take my watch. What he told me about my past was highly relevant. Some of the things he said were not totally complementary and I will not repeat them! When he ended, Barbara and Vic decided that next week's sitting would be devoted to Psychometry. Each of us had to bring along something personal.

We both thought that Barbara and Vic would read these for us. But not a bit of it. We were led through the preliminaries as before by imagination. Then we had to do the readings ourselves working in pairs! I just knew nothing was going to come out of this. I was to read a medallion Vic passed to me if you please. I decided I would just have to be honest and tell Vic that what he was asking was totally impossible, I would tell him all I could draw was a blank. I held his medallion for a while and tried not to think about anything as instructed.

Nothing happened for about half a minute. But then suddenly became aware that my hand was hurting and felt stiff. I transferred the medallion to the left hand. This hand hurt and went stiff and the right hand relaxed again. So I transferred it back again and the stiffness and pain moved with the object. I was astounded. Vic said "Now you know what rheumatoid arthritis feels like. I have it in both hands." He had not mentioned this before.

All the ladies got something as well. But they all saw pictures. And again they all turned out to be relevant.

This really is the most amazing thing. For me it is most exciting because it offers valuable confirmation of my scientifically based theory. Yet although it predicted and explains psychometry, my mind still found it hard to accept as true.

Long held prejudices die very hard!

From this experience it seems to me that the parapsychologists using accepted scientific methodology should take note. They are looking for so-called "rational" explanations of the paranormal and should ask themselves whether their methodology is appropriate.

But now let us review data from other sources.

9.2 Telepathy

With a Grid coupling all things there is a channel for information which ought to enable people to see without the use of eyes or hear without the use of ears. It cannot be said that because we have no such ability the idea of a Grid existing is flawed, however. it could be that this sense is deliberately suppressed to avoid overload. If all the information from the universe were not filtered out we would be swamped. However, it is clear that the concept of telepathic communication cannot be held to be impossible on scientific grounds. It could be explained as a controlled leak in the filtering mechanism.

In a private communication Mary Harrison, author of many books on the paranormal, yet very sceptical of it's reality, gave an account of a private interview with Uri Geller. She said he asked her to think of a picture which he would try to draw. She concentrated on a shamrock with heart-shaped leaves. He produced a result which was very nearly correct. He obtained the outline shape but added a heart shape at one place. He told her he looked at an imaginary television screen and watched pictures arising upon it. Any which lasted more than six seconds would, he knew from experience, be close to that in the thinker's mind. This is surely a convincing demonstration of telepathy.

If a way could be found for programming the Grid, which must be mostly amoral, then quite magical effects for good or harm could be worked. Since the Grid has all the information of everything stored within its memory-banks, it ought to know how to restructure any damaged cells of living creatures.

The idea of healing by programming the Grid is therefore scientifically possible. The placing of hands by a healer near to a sick person's body could not by itself achieve anything. But by the will of the mind the computing power of the Grid could be brought to bear for the restructuring of damaged cells. This would be carried out not only atom by atom, it arises at the subatomic level. This explains the psychic power of healing according to the present theory.

Heat is said to radiate from the hands of the healer. There may be some physical heat but it is possible that there is an associated form of a psychic kind which would not register on a thermometer. This explanation is probably incomplete because all the healers I have met claim to be assisted by unseen "guides". We will look for an explanation to this extension in the next chapter.

That spiritual healing is a real effect can be judged from its increasing use in hospitals and by the established Church. If all results were uniformly negative its increasing use would not occur.

The evil of black magic cannot be rejected as an impossibility. It could work by the same mechanism. It seems that for every positive there is a negative side which needs to be remembered and the necessary precautions taken against misuse. Both good and bad effects could act at a distance by transmission of programming power through the Grid itself.

According to information received it is important that some article belonging to the healing target be utilised. This is held by the absent healer before the healing power is discharged. The advantage of this, according to the present theory, is the assistance given to the Grid to help locate the target. The information of the memories will be transferred to the Grid via the route of psychometry acting in reverse. Then the Grid can search its memory banks for a matching memory, then discharge its matter re-structuring power at that location.

9.4 Dowsing

Since the Grid has memories of everything, the secret of programming would make possible the prospecting for minerals or water. Some people claim to have this gift. Do they use a hazel twig as a programming device when dowsing? Uri Geller possesses the power to an extraordinary degree and has demonstrated it in locating crude oil deposits. I am told he has made himself very rich this way. If this is true, then divining cannot be dismissed as fluke. some further evidence came to me during a telephone conversation. Mr Delgardo, an electro-mechanical engineer, told me he found he could manage better using his hands alone. No twig or other implement was required.

The curious information he imparted was that he had discovered the existence of energy fields at the sites of circles of flattened corn. He means psychic energy, of course. In a book he wrote as co-author with Andrews(109) it is stated that a compass needle began to rotate by itself when placed in the centre of a corn circle. This kind of observation needs to be confirmed because it is to such strange effects that science needs to look. The alternative explanation is deliberate hoax.

9.5 Mind over Matter

Uri Geller is also famous for his amazing spoon-and fork-bending powers. These have been amply demonstrated and verified under stringent laboratory conditions. They show the power of mind over matter. Again the Grid hypothesis offers a plausible explanation. The Grid manipulates wave functions to control the regeneration of sub-atomic particles, so that the illusion of permanent atoms is created. Uri Geller possesses enhanced powers for programming the Grid. He is able to override it and so cause it to fail to maintain its natural matter-structuring capability.

He has of course met with fierce opposition from the Magicians Circle. It is not in their interests to have it accepted that such effects are truly paranormal. I watched James Randi on television attempting to copy the spoon-bending feat represented as a conjuring trick. He did not succeed. He had to cover the spoon for an instant and then allow a bent spoon to appear. Uri Geller showed the spoon in full view all the time and the bending was a gradual process. Yet he only stroked it lightly with one finger. There was no way he could have caused the bending by force. Some children have displayed the same ability. These claims have also been thoroughly checked.

In a lecture given here by George Meek, an American who has researched such matters for many years spoon bending was touched upon. He said that spoon bending parties are regularly held in the U.S.A. They first create a highly emotional state by creating the party spirit. A highly emotional state is apparently the key to success. When this state is judged to have been achieved, everybody attempts to bend one of the spoons brought along. He said that about twenty-two out of twenty-four are bent. This represents an astonishing rate of success. The fact that it can happen seems less extraordinary when a plausible scientific explanation can be advanced, though why emotion is involved is not yet clear. Perhaps this has something to do with the ability of the mind to reach down into the Grid to effect programming.

9.6 The Apport

One of the most interesting possibilities allowed by the new extension to physics is an instantaneous means of transport known as the "apport". For example, an egg could reside in a refrigerator. It exists as energy organised by the wave functions patterned within the all-pervading Grid. Programming could allow the wavefunction describing the egg to be copied exactly in digital form at some instant but transferred to another place specified by coordinates. There would be nothing visible at this time but then, the procedure accomplished, the wave function of the egg within the refrigerator would be deleted, leaving its net energy disorganised to oversaturate space at that point. Instantly the energy would transfer along the Grid filaments to the newly-organised position, regardless of any intervening matter. It needs to be remembered that atoms are almost entirely empty with the grid filaments passing through them. Disorganised energy would be able to flow along the filaments through what to us seems solid matter as if it were not there! Only when organised by psychic energy into the form of atoms will the constuctional material, energy, be obstructed by other atoms.

A new egg would appear in empty space, to be immediately acted upon by the normal forces of nature, including gravity. It would fall to the floor with a splash. A pointless use of a valuable power. In fact the example chosen is taken from Colin Wilson's book. It explains a recorded event!

If the secret of accomplishing such a feat could be discovered it would open the way to exploration of the Galaxy. Rather like "Starship Enterprise". But instead of using rocket power to reach the stars and then beaming down occupants to planets the entire spaceship would be beamed to within the vicinity of a star. It is very unlikely that this will ever be possible, of course, but this way offers the only hope of exploration outside the solar system by interstellar travel, so vast are the distances involved. An example can show just how impossible rocket flight would be for interstellar travel.

If a conventional rocket is considered, using an advanced propellant capable of an efflux speed 10 times that obtainable with known liquid fuels, and if a payload of 10 tons is to be delivered to the nearest star, and if a fuel supply equal to the entire mass of the Earth is to be allowed, then a transit speed of only 0.0015 of the speed of light would be reached! It would take 1,800 years to get there.

It is just possible that more advanced civilisations living on planets circling stars somewhere in our galaxy could have discovered the secret of the apport. We might look out for possible extraterrestrial visitors who have used this mode of transport. Reports of flying saucers cannot therefore be discounted, though they do admittedly seem fanciful notions. The reports of UFOs which have been given, seem to accord with the above description. They have also been reported to suddenly vanish. Such sudden disappearances are also explicable. They have apported to a new location!

They could be made from exactly the same system of matter as our own. Then they would be visible and would appear solid to us. They would produce shock waves at supersonic speeds just like our own aircraft. In addition landed craft would cause depressions in the soil because of their weight.

Numerous mysterious accounts have appeared in the Press and journals of flattened discs of crops in cornfields. Most have small satellite discs arranged symmetrically around them. These, not surprisingly, have been explained as hoaxes produced by a team of strange vandals. This seemed the most reasonable possibility until Mr. Delgardo, showed on television, by dowsing, that these rings produced signals similar to those diviners obtained when looking for subterranean water. This finding seems to rule out the vandal hypothesis. The UFO alternative needs, therefore, to remain as a possible option until some other explanation is proved. Why UFO's leave "force-field" traces we now identify with psychic energy still remains an unsolved mystery, of course.

Several months after this section was written some very elaborate designs appeared in Wiltshire cornfields. They aroused interest worldwide and so we went to see one of these near Alton Barnes. The following is an extract from a submission to the competition advertised by the "Sunday Mirror" which offered 10,000 to the winning explanation. Abbreviated it read:

Solve the Corn-Rings Mystery

I aim to show that a solution to this puzzling phenomenon might be found by using a new extension to physics. First however it is necessary to assemble the facts.

The first corn circles were simple in shape. For these the idea of random effects producing whirling air columns might seem plausible. They could flatten corn in the direction of airflow. Other advances have been made on this idea by adding electric charges to the swirling air. Then this mass has been assumed to form into balls which fall and spread out on impact with the ground. But it is clear that over a period of several years the shapes have increased in complexity. The latest shown in the excellent picture, published in the "Sunday Mirror" on 22 July, is the most complex yet. There is absolutely no way such simple explanations can any longer be regarded as plausible.

The idea that they are all elaborate hoaxes also seems implausible. Observers have reported seeing other circles form, hearing humming noises. At night some have reported seeing glowing balls falling to earth, Only in the morning have the circles been observed at the place of impact. Since dowsers have reported finding psychic energies it seems prudent to keep options open.

However a new theory regarding the structure of matter depends on the existence of an organising intelligence behind the universe. Clearly, for the creation of elaborate shapes, some form of intelligent control is implicated which may not derive from people of this planet. The charged whirling air columns provide a physical explanation. These, however, might be tools which are deliberately manipulated. By this means the intricate key shapes with precise sharp corners could be produced.

We need to take a microscopic look even below the structure of the atom to solve the mystery. In the new theory matter is built from particles of physical energy but these are controlled by an intelligent substructure or "Grid". The computing power of the Grid defines what "psychic energy" really is. Without this information content, physical energies could not be organised into atomic structures.

Also predicted by extended physics is the possibility of systems of matter which are invisible since their sub-atomic particles do not couple with our own. They can interpenetrate our matter without being detectable by us, yet are controlled by the same underlying Grid. Discarnate intelligences are permissible by the theory, associated with interpenetrating systems of matter. If they became aware of our existence and wished to communicate, then they could do so only with great difficulty.

The evidence suggests such intelligences may exist! Not only that. They may have found a way to directly affect our atmosphere and for several years have been experimenting, gradually improving their techniques. Are they trying to tell us something?

My wife and I visited the circles at Alton Barnes last Thursday (19 July) and lay in the centre of a flattened corn circle to see if we could pick up any impressions. We did not. However we have been attending a "circle" whose purpose is to develop psychic abilities and we have not yet developed very far. The same evening we attended our circle to be chided by Vic, a sensitive, for not bringing back a sample. However he decided it might be worth trying to pick up something from us at second hand. He held my wife's hands and soon reported feeling impressions.

What follows will seem quite absurd and it should certainly not be accepted unless corroborated by others. It is worth reporting just in case it turns out to be of value.

Vic said we would not be able to relate the entities concerned to life forms because of their shapes. His answer was literally a lemon. They had no limbs, looking like something between a lemon and a melon. He also picked up a repeated message saying that we should look eight feet down below the surface. There we would find a changed structure which would be inexplicable by our present knowledge.

Now there is no reason why all life-forms should have limbs. If discarnate intelligences are able to programme the grid directly by thought, as we do our computers using fingers, then they could make anything they needed without having to cut or carve the way we do. Therefore no justification exists for discarding this information on the grounds of its apparent absurdity. Yet on the other hand we cannot be gullible and just accept it. It is necessary to maintain open minds. There is a crying need for a dig. So how about organising one?

At Alton Barnes a row of about nine circles lay in exactly a straight line and some were joined by accurately shaped lanes about eight feet wide. some days later another even more elaborate design appeared near Silbury hill. It seemed to be pointing somewhere and so a supplement was sent to ask for information. Abbreviated this read:

Where are they Pointing?

The directions of these new lanes, do not follow the tractor tramlines like those at Alton Barnes. They seem to be pointing somewhere. One of three possibilities must apply and so the matter needs to be explored. They are:

1) They point in random directions so the cross-over points of different formations will be at random. In this case it can be concluded that there is no significance in the direction of these lanes.

2) They are parallel. This would be puzzling.

3) They all have a common cross-over point. This would be highly significant. It would prove an intelligence was behind it all, such as that described in my first submission. It would also indicate that something unusual would be found at the point indicated and this would need investigation.

With these two as-yet unexplored proposals we will leave the corn circle puzzle. If they do all ultimately prove hoaxes, carried out worldwide, then they must be the most organised of any ever known, being carried out at great trouble for no obvious reason whatever. The UFO could be connected with the mystery, however, and so it may be worthwhile taking a further look at these.

UFOs and their extraterrestrial occupants need not exhibit any kind of paranormal behaviour. They might be tougher than us so that greater accelerations in conventional manoeuvres could be permitted but not to an extraordinary degree.

Which means that a second kind of UFO might exist, because some extraterrestrials appear to accelerate at unbelievable rates. The ones which do would have to be made from a different kind of substance. They would have to consist of the same basic energies as us, since this is the universal substance of all matter and Motion. However, their atoms could be arranged differently. Their atoms could be formed with exactly equal and opposite energies. In this case their matter would have no inertia and extreme accelerations would be Possible. This matter is studied in detail in the next chapter.

Consequently speeds close to that of light could be reached within a few seconds. But travel at superluminary speeds would not be possible this way. It is just possible that their sub-atomic particles could couple with ours. Then they would seem solid to us because their matter-systems would not interpenetrate ours. This possibility does not seem very likely, however.

What is more probable is. that exactly balanced systems of matter would not couple with ours. Nor would their photons couple with our electrons. Photonelectron coupling is necessary for vision, because an effect similar to that of photoelectricity is involved, taking place in the retina of the eye. It follows that such matter would exist in the same spatial dimensions as our own but could interpenetrate ours without resistance. And it would be invisible. It is possible, however, that visibility might be conferred under exceptional circumstances by a system of transient matter coupling. Some of our matter could coat theirs, to render it visible by light reflected from such an interfacing cover. It would demand a covering substance having exactly the same atomic spacing as the substrate.

Some of the evidence from UFOs is also supportive of this explanation. Observations have been reported of UFOs flying supersonic without producing shock waves and diving into the sea without making a splash. These observations are consistent only with such an interpenetrating system of matter, able to pass through ours without resistance.

This is not impossible but the matter will be dealt with in more detail in the next chapter.

It would probably be much easier for people made from balanced energies to travel by the apport method than for the unbalanced kinds like us. Their net energy being zero, there is no need for energy transport at all. Mediumship has reported that people in our companion universes travel "quick as thought" by thought alone. This suggests that by normal thought processes the Grid can be programmed. This conclusion is supported by the explanations given for spoon bending and spiritual healing.

9.7 A New Kind of Astronomy?

For humans to explore the Galaxy it would seem safer and more feasible to use the Grid merely as a system of information transfer. since the Grid will allow speeds of transmission many thousands or possibly millions of times the speed of light, it should be possible, in principle at least, to create a new form of astronomy. its feasibility depends on acquiring an ability to connect up in some way with the Grid. once this has been achieved it will be possible first to measure the speed of propagation of thought-waves through the Grid. If measurements are carried out in different directions it would be possible to determine the speed of the Earth relative to the Grid.

9.8 Can Mind Power Program the Grid?

It is becoming very clear that our minds have an important influence. In this theory they do not actually structure the universe we observe, as in the Everett-Wheeler concept, but they can have an effect. This effect can be overriding under certain conditions. It cannot provide the primary cause of existence in a theory based on common-sense however, because the law of causality needs to be observed. Cause must precede effect.

It does look as though our minds are linked to that of the Creator; perhaps we are a part of the universal mind. The Creator could have divided the original single mind into countless sub-minds distributed throughout the animals and humans of the entire universe. They would all be interlinked by the Grid to maintain a unity at a deeper level.

A bizarre thought emerges of combatants in mortal conflict. At the upper level they are antagonists trying to destroy each other, yet at a more basic level their minds are cooperating with the totality of all minds and continue to do so until the moment when one is extinguished. But even then only the Earth body is lost; the mind survives. So both can continue to act as components of the Universal Mind!

It seems very likely that such an arrangement has been deliberately organised so that all kinds of experience, both good and bad, can be transmitted and stored for some basic purpose, to provide the Creator with input stimuli and to permit in return the expression of creativity.

From these considerations it does not therefore seem unreasonable to consider that prayer may be a real force, able to be used for good or ill at the desire of the individual.

9.9 Precognition

The explanation of precognition presents difficulties. others have suggested that there is no such thing as time in an absolute sense, so that people in another universe can see our future as if laid out on a map. Now time can be defined as a sequence of events, one happening after another. Without time there could be no motion. Furthermore if every action to be made in the future has already been settled by the past-present-future time map, then there can be no free will. Hence this fixed map idea is difficult to justify. Yet hard evidence for precognition exists. For example, one little girl kept dreaming she would die covered by a black cloud which also smothered her friends. She kept telling her mother about this for several weeks before the disaster occurred. Then she died, as she knew she would, smothered in the mud of Aberfan.

It seems there could be two kinds of precognition. One is the warning kind. In this, if avoiding action is taken, the predicted event does no harm. The future cannot therefore be fixed because a different sequence will arise depending on the freewill of individuals acting in the present. The law of causality would otherwise be violated. The previous example is clearly of the warning type. If the little girl had played truant, the mud from the coal-tip on the mountainside would still have destroyed her school but she would not have been there. The Grid explanation is that all data about everything is stored in its memory-banks. Its computing power will be able to predict what is likely to happen just as our computers can predict the weather from existing trends. It would know that instability was increasing and would be able, within limits, to determine the probable time of earth-slip. Telepathic messages could be conveyed during sleep, the time of greatest receptivity, when brain activity, which could interfere, is at its lowest ebb.

There could be another type of precognition based on a future which is certain. This does not mean time does not exist, however. In this case some "will" in control of the Grid has decided that a certain sequence of events is to occur. Then, wielding its immense power, the Grid makes sure that this sequence does happen. Again the Grid might transmit telepathic messages, so that clairvoyants could predict such a future event, even centuries into the future. It is difficult to see, however, what purpose this information could serve. None perhaps. It may be that such information transfer is accidental.

This is the common-sense solution. It maintains that time flows just as it seems to do. It would seem to operate at different rates in different systems of matter. But events must occur in sequence and this means time progresses onward forever.

There is no mystery about it at all.

9.10 Re-Constructs

One final piece of paranormal input data needs to be considered. Very occasionally reports of solid structures have appeared which belonged to a past age. Complete houses have been described which were not phantoms, because they felt absolutely solid, yet they suddenly reverted to their normal state. Some have suggested time-warps as the explanation. But these are disallowed by the present theory, which permits only of solutions based on the law of causality.

The Grid, however, provides an alternative explanation. The huge capacity for information storage offered by a computing system based on components which are minute, even compared with the size of atoms, is beyond comprehension. The Grid can therefore store memories as wave functions of every stage and every moment of history. occasionally somebody in a companion universe, having powers of programming which dwarf those of even Uri Geller, might decide to re-create an object from times past. The energy requirement can be derived from existing matter and redirected according to the old plan of stored wave-function-numbers. Whilst it lasted it would seem just as real as the original. Some kind of cosmic law we know nothing about may operate to force such re-creations to revert to normal after a short lapse of time. The normal state, to use computer jargon, is the "default" condition.

This explanation does, however, draw attention to one problem. Such manifestations have always arisen exactly on the site of the original building. This implies that the Grid filaments do not move relative to solid matter but are trapped inside the structure. To sensitives matter which is transportable clearly carries with it memories of the past. They are able to describe a deceased person by holding a lock of that person's hair, for example. This is psychometry and I know from personal experience that it works. It is difficult to see how bits of matter containing their own Grid structure can be moved without breaking the Grid filaments.

It could be that they are broken continually but then re-form, so that the interconnection of everything to everything else remains intact. in this revision of the Grid construct the filaments would only remain intact when fluids pass through them. When solid objects move, the filaments break and move with the object. Clearly this could only happen in one universe, so any others could not carry memories along with their matter-systems.

And this does not seem a very satisfactory state of affairs because, as will be shown in the next chapter, it is very likely that interpenetrating matter-systems exist. The bits of Grid moved in our universe would upset the programming in others. An alternative explanation therefore needs to be sought. One could be that the Grid filaments remain intact but the memories stored as switching sequences are dragged along with an object which is moved. Only a relatively small number of the switches would be involved, leaving the rest spare or for the programming of other universes. This seems a much more satisfactory arrangement.

In this way, by study of so-called paranormal data inputs, much can be deduced of the secrets behind the universe we appreciate by our five senses. Since the Grid concept can provide rational explanations, such data ought not to be regarded any longer as paranormal. It can now be regarded as natural since physics is extendable to bring it within its orbit.

To the extended view of physics portrayed in this book all data input is normal.

Many sensitives claim, however, to sense the existence of intelligences which do not belong to our system of matter. It is therefore necessary to explore this area in a scientific way to see if the Grid concept can offer any rational explanation. The word "rational" now, of course, no longer means limited to the single system of matter we observe by our five senses.

This will be attempted in the next chapter.



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