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Author: Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc (Hons)

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- Chapter 13 -



          The picture of a possible multi-universe system based upon an all-pervading Grid network having computer-like properties has been painted. For the most part it acts like a machine, being totally amoral. However, it has more highly developed centres which allow emotion to be experienced and these are also the places where a will and a creative urge reside. The entity is the Creator of the illusory universe which we observe and of which we are a part. This Creator is not a bearded old man in the sky, however, but a life form permeating all matter and space. The bearded-old-man image is merely a useful construct of the human mind invented to help us relate to the "Infinite". we are not built in the physical image of the Creator because this has no need of the limbs which are appropriate to Earth. However, and more importantly, we reflect the same emotional needs and creative urge. We are indeed extensions of the Creator, having an important function and purpose.

Because atoms in reality occupy a huge amount of space in relation to the volume of all their constituent sub-atomic particles put together, it is possible for a number of matter-systems to be supported by a common Grid. They can interpenetrate one another without resistance because their sub-atomic particles do not couple with those of any other matter-system. Life-forms can therefore be composites living simultaneously in several interpenetrating systems of matter. The complete picture then shows that extended physics is consistent with basic religious beliefs. These are the existence of a Creator and of the soul or consciousness. The latter is a separate entity which interpenetrates the Earth-body whilst it lasts, using the brain as an interfacing component. The whole supports the belief that the consciousness survives physical death and indicates that life has an ultimate purpose.

There could be more than ten interpenetrating universes operating in the same manner, the limit being the point at which the virtual particles of space become jammed into a solid mass. Each system of matter operates independently of the others except for shared gravitation. The other universes probably depend on our gravitation for holding the matter of their planets together, because their reported properties are consistent with matter-systems constructed from exactly balanced positive and negative physical energies. Matter of this kind would exhibit zero inertia and so could be accelerated almost to the speed of light with very little effort. Such systems cannot, however, produce any gravitational force by themselves.

Normal and paranormal phenomena were shown to have a common basis. They both depended on two kinds of physical energy, positive and negative, which formed the building-blocks of systems of matter which could interpenetrate one another. The computing power of the Grid was finally pinpointed as defining the nature of "psychic energy". This is therefore an abstract form and so cannot be measured like the positive and negative physical forms of energy. Psychic energy, force, power, call it what you will, is a power of information which uses wave-functions as numbers. These are manipulated by the underlying Grid for the organisation of physical energies into the structure matter.

Paranormal effects like telepathy, psychometry, dowsing, spoon-bending, the apport, spiritual healing and the like then became explicable in terms of the computing power of the Grid. Evidence of psychic effects, which have been observed, show that the human mind has the capacity to penetrate right into the hearts of atoms. There it senses the tiniest tip of a huge iceberg of information stored in the memory banks of the Grid.

The Mind is Separate from the Brain!

Psychometry works! It is a fact as far as I am concerned since I have proved it experimentally to myself. others who doubt its reality should test it for themselves. And this provides dramatic evidence that the mind is a separate entity. To reach down into the Grid whose filaments cannot have a spacing more than 5% of the radius of an atom, a mechanism of similar grain size needs to be involved. The neurones of the brain are many thousands of times too large, each being composed of many thousands of atoms. Hence the brain by itself could not possibly explain the workings of the mind in terms of neuronal networks as most parapsychologists believe.

Even the other interpenetrating "spirit" bodies of possibly finer grain structure would face the same objection. Their matter systems have to be based on the same Grid and therefore must also be of larger grain size than the Grid itself. Hence only one possiblity remains. The mind, the seat of consciousness, needs to be a part of the switching pattern of the Grid itself. In the ultimate state, shed of all its clothing of matter-systems, it could exist as an independent life-form!

The New Physical Basis

This picture emerged from a study which aimed to explain why sub-atomic particles appear to travel along all possible alternate routes simultaneously as if they were spread out like waves. The solution showed that waves merely acted as the control system, used like numbers, to specify where sub-atomic particles were to be re-created. Such particles, which established physics assumes to be permanent, turned out to have transient lives, just like the virtual particles of space. They are instead particle sequences joined end to end in time but not in position. They are based on a permanent bit of physical energy which keeps on being absorbed by the Grid to be used for re-construction and in between times can travel at speeds many thousands of times the speed of light along its filaments.

In this way an explanation emerged for the way the electron can dodge about all over the ball or lobe shaped orbital of its atom. This is the shape specified by Schrodinger's wave equation. It shows why the atom of hydrogen can appear ball-shaped. It would appear as a flat disc if the electron were a truly permanent structure.

The explanation is consistent with the new theory of quantum gravitation which satisfies the experimental checks at least as well as Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, being simultaneously free from its difficulties. In the new approach it is the compressibility of space producing buoyancy effects on sub-atomic particles which has the same effect as Einstein's curved space-time in providing equations which correctly predict observation.

Only gravity waves are excepted because this part of the study has not yet advanced very far. The theory does, however, predict gravity waves, but the energy they carry away has not yet been formulated. A much more important plus for the new theory is that it predicts the ratio of the magnitudes of the electric to the gravitational force to within striking distance. It is the first time this ratio has been predicted. Einstein spent many years trying to do this from a base of general relativity and totally failed.

The new theory is compatible with the idea of negative energy states. Negative states were proved to exist by showing that forces of attraction could not otherwise be explained in a satisfactory way.


Exciting spin-off from the new solution to the problem of quantum gravitation appeared. It might provide an important tool to help in our fight to save the planet. This is because, just as Einstein's theory threw up the possibility of a new energy form as power from the nucleus, so the extended Newtonian physics predicts a new energy form. It shows that gravitational potential energy is not a true energy form at all. It is a pseudo-energy form. When an object is rising by its own inertia its speed and associated kinetic energy are continually reducing. There is a continuous destruction of total energy in consequence. This is exactly balanced, however, by the destruction of an equal amount of the negative energy of space. Energy is not "stored" in space as textbooks say. On falling again both energy forms are re-created in exactly balanced amounts.

Hence the new theory indicates that the pure creation of energy is feasible, despite its prohibition by the so-called "First Law of Thermodynamics". This law is only a special case arising when balancing negative energies are held constant. The new concept allows the universe to have been created out of nothing in the first place. It also indicates that it should be possible to find a way of generating energy tomorrow by pure creation. An experiment was proposed which ought to confirm feasibility. At the same time a positive result would support the new theory of quantum gravitation and show general relativity to be falsely based. It would lead to the abandonment of theories dependent on the idea that curved space-time and higher spatial dimensions can exist.

Energy by pure creation would be available at any point, there would be no need for carrying fuel and, best of all, there would be absolutely no pollution of any kind. It might be the answer to the global greenhouse problem. As a bonus it would be impossible to create explosions or other harmful effects by pure energy creation. Hence a wholly benign solution to the energy problem may emerge.

New Experiments and Modified Relativity

Another six new experimental checks were proposed, most of which would discriminate between the new theory and Einstein's "special relativity". In Einstein's theory, light propagates independently of space when travelling in a vacuum and this assumption is incompatible with the base of any conceivable quantum theory. It is particularly incompatible with the present quantum-based theory of gravitation. In this, as described in Chapter T.S.1, light is a complex dynamic structure of space and is therefore totally committed to propagating relative to space. Space being a fluid, however, has different speeds at different places.

The Earth, according to the new theory, carries along a bubble of space having a radius reaching nearly to the moon. The Sun carries along a vastly larger bubble enclosing the solar system and Sun-space flows around the Earth bubble as it moves in orbit. Even galaxies carry bubbles, so bubbles exist within larger ones until the whole universe is enclosed. Any other motion then needs to be measured relative to the local space enclosed by a bubble whose edge defines a sudden change in the speed at which space is moving. The choice of reference frame is no longer arbitrary as in special relativity. The TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT shows how known experimental checks can now be satisfied with light propagating relative to local space.

Physics Gives Support to Basic Faiths

As already stated, the combined solution to the problem of wave-particle duality and gravitation threw up support for the basic tenets of the religions of the world: the faith in a controlling intelligence or God and the belief in a spiritual existence. To the religious I would hope this will imprint a message. It could help draw the religions of the world together, to shelter under the umbrella of extended physics. There should no longer be any need to defend belief against the discreditment of science. It simply does not appear possible to explain wave-particle duality and non-locality by theories which do not involve a Creator permeating all things.

An answer to the question "How could God create Himself?'' has been suggested by an evolutionary scenario. Also "Why were we created?" was answered by the suggestion that we are extensions of the Creator, the arms and legs and other adaptations which permit the expression of creative need.

It should be possible for science and religion to blend together and evolve as one. There can be only one truth. So in principle the discoveries of science need to be in harmony with religious faith. Any discord means something must be wrong somewhere. It is my hope that the solutions given here will be interpreted to show that discord can be banished. If this is accepted, then no longer does any justification exist for the stagnation of religious thinking, which has served to defend it against the advance of science over the last three hundred years.

But all religions accumulate much that should be jettisoned. Up to now it seemed that all this had to be retained. Admit some parts faulty and the whole loses credibility. But this applies when faith is the only supporting prop. Once religious faith is accepted to be supportable by physics, there is no longer any danger of discreditment. Then that which should be jettisoned can be jettisoned. This needs no formal admission of fault. All that is required is to simply ignore certain material and allow it to pass naturally into the realms of mythology. Just by concentrating on the parts which matter, progress can be made.

Unnecessary conflict exists between different religious sects, but what is right for one may be wrong for another. For example, the established churches are probably right to discourage dabbling in the occult for the majority of their flock, since this might involve danger. They should not, however, attempt to discredit those who feel a need to communicate with people of our companion planets. Such individuals are probably more advanced and need such activity. They would not be prone to the same dangers. They are also needed to provide the credibility which only observation can supply. This can support both theoretical physics and religion. A neat triangle of disciplines acting in mutual support.

These things are important now. We humans, by failing to control our numbers, have become as a plague of locusts, destroying our planet with reckless abandon. This Is where healthy world religions need to bring their creative force to bear, for this is their area of responsibility. At present their doctrines mostly encourage people to have large families. They need to revise such admonition. They need to substitute the idea that it is a sin to procreate to excess. Then in collaboration with mathematicians and social workers they need to use their powers to help implement measures which will effectively reduce the birth-rate to the replacement level within twenty years.

The planet can be saved only by a global combined effort. Harmony in science and religion could greatly help in the winning of the battles to come. This does not refer to warfare. The fight to save the planet is of a non-military nature. But to win through will demand more dedication and sacrifice than all the wars in history combined.


People wishing to have the technical part of this book checked by experts are advised to read CHAPTER 12 before proceeding. Unless the psychological factors discussed there are taken into account, it is unlikely that an unbiased assessment will be returned.



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