Guy Lyon Playfair

     GUY LYON PLAYFAIR became interested in psychical research in 1972 while living in Rio de Janeiro and working as a freelance writer and photographer (The Economist, Time, Associated Press, McGraw-Hill World News etc.). A friend invited him to attend a session of 'psychic surgery' given by Edivaldo Oliveira Silva, as described in his first book The Flying Cow (1975) (The Unknown Power in U.S. and paperback editions) together with his subsequent research into poltergeists, reincarnation, mediumship. His second book The Indefinite Boundary (1976) also dealt with psychic phenomena in Brazil. In 1973 he moved to São Paulo to work with Brazil's pioneering parapsychologist Hernani Guimarães Andrade.

Returning to the UK he wrote The Cycles of Heaven (1978) and then spent a year investigating, with Maurice Grosse, the Enfield poltergeist as documented in This House is Haunted (1980). Further research in two somewhat different fields led to The Haunted Pub Guide and If This Be Magic, an inquiry into hypnotism (both 1985). He then collaborated with Uri Geller on The Geller Effect (1986). After publishing two other books on non-psychic subjects he returned to the field in 2002 with Twin Telepathy, which led to successful experiments shown on television (Richard and Judy, Channel 4, January 10th 2003; also on Discovery's Miracle Hunters and National Geographic's Naked Science). His most recent book New Clothes for Old Souls - Worldwide Evidence for Reincarnation, commissioned by the Druze Heritage Foundation, is to be published in 2006.

His books have been translated into about 15 languages. He has also written numerous articles for magazines in several countries, and has worked as researcher and consultant on numerous radio and television programmes. He has been a member of the Society for Psychical Research since 1973 and was elected to its council in 2004. He has contributed several articles and book reviews to its journal and newsletter.

Source: Guy Lyon Playfair.


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