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Life After Death - Living Proof
A Lifetime's Experiences of Physical Phenomena and Materialisations through the Mediumship of Minnie Harrison

By Tom Harrison

Life After Death: Living Proof by Tom Harrison
Book details:
241 pages
21.6 x 14 cm.
ISBN: 09514534-1-6
Publisher: Saturday Night Press

Tom Harrison documents his lifetime's experiences of physical phenomena through the mediumship of his mother Minnie, where he met and spoke with over 1,500 materialisations over a period of 8-9 years between 1940-50.

Minnie was born with natural mediumistic gifts and began to develop them during childhood. In 1946 as one of the original members of their weekly Home Circle in Middlesbrough, UK, with his mother as medium, Tom witnessed the breathtakingly unique and rapid progress of the physical phenomena.

Through her mediumship, sitters were privileged to witness and engage with materialisations of family and friends known to them.

This book also includes rare photographs of the ectoplasm emanating from Minnie, depictions of how the 'trumpet' (megaphone) was operated by the spirit scientists and some materialisations. It also includes photographs of some apports and Spirit writing.

In the last few chapters Tom brings the reader up to date with Stewart Alexander's mediumship and describes some of his sittings with Stewart in the 1990's.

Writing in the Foreword David Fontana, professor at Cardiff University and former President of the Society for Psychical Research, says:

"If she had sought publicity, Minnie Harrison would have been one of the sensations of the immediate post-war years. Her gifts, as described by Tom, were of the very highest order."

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Audio Recordings

Parts 1 and 2 of an actual materialisation session held Jan 5, 1954. Hear the voices of various materialised entities such as Aunt Agg and the American Indian chief control Sunrise as Tom narrates the events as they transpire.

Part 1:
(1264K, 37 minutes. Windows Media Audio file).
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