John Logie Baird


     FIRST DEMONSTRATED television in his Laboratory in 1925. The following January Baird again demonstrated television to an invited party from the Royal Institution. Within three years, he had sent signals by landline from London to Glasgow and by short wave across the Atlantic to the US.

In 1940 he demonstrated a 600 line colour picture. In 1943 a record attendance at the British Institution of Radio Engineers heard his paper on three dimensional television. His Telechrome, unveiled in 1944, was the world's first multi-electron gun receiver. During the war years, Baird undertook part-time consulting work for Cable and Wireless Limited. Established the Baird Television Company.


In Soaps, Sermon and Television, he describes a sitting with the medium "Marjorie" in which a finger-print of an ectolasmic hand was taken and shown to be identical with carefully preserved fingerprints found on a razor. He concluded the chapter by saying:

"I have witnessed some very startling [paranormal] phenomena under circumstances which make trickery out of the question... I am convinced that discoveries of the far-reaching importance remain waiting along these shadowy and discredited paths."

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