Intelligence Behind the Universe!

Ronald D. Pearson

Publisher: The Headquarters Publishing

First Published: 1990

ISBN 0-947823-21-2

Pages: 370

Price: 10 (+p&p outside UK)

Availability: Contact Michael Roll at: 28 Westerleigh Road, Downend, Bristol. BS16 6AH

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Brief Notes about the contents

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Background of the Author and Origin of this Book


- Part 1 -

Chapter 1

Introduction. Asks "Was the Universe an Accident?"

Chapter 2

Historical Background. Basic Concepts of Physics

Chapter 3

The Conceptual Difficulties. Unresolved Problems

Chapter 4

A New Solution. For Wave-particle Duality

Chapter 5

Digression - Negative Energy States and Gravitation

Chapter 6

Back to the Grid

Chapter 7

The Nature of Subatomic Particles

Chapter 8

The Solution Summarised

Chapter 9

Explaining the Unexplained. Exploring the Paranormal

Chapter 10

Can Other Universes Exist? First law of thermodynamics - new definition

Chapter 11

Future Projections. A comparison of achievements between Quantum Gravitation and general Relativity

Chapter 12

A Rallying Cry! (Points to new areas of Research)

Chapter 13



- Part 2: Technical Support (T.S.) -


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