Why I Believe in Personal Immortality

Sir Oliver Lodge

Publisher: Methuen

First Published: ?

Availability: Out of Print

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Chapter 1

A Comic View of Life and Mind

Chapter 2

The Seven Propositions

Chapter 3

The Case for Psychical Research

Chapter 4

An Illustrative Chapter of some Psychical Phenomena

Chapter 4a

Class I: Clairvoyance. Instances of Knowledge about Contemporary Events

Chapter 4b

Class II: Prevision. An Instance of Prediction

Chapter 4c

Psychometry or Diagnosis

Chapter 4d

Conversations: Specimen of recent Conversations about Post-mortem Existence; and a small test of Identity

Chapter 4e

Reminder About Ancient Examples of Oracular

Chapter 5

Methods of Communication or Thoughts on Mediumship

Chapter 6

Can it be Possible to Communicate with the Dead?

Chapter 7

The Prospect: A Brief Summary


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