Researches into the Phenomena of Spiritualism

Sir William Crookes

Publisher: Two Worlds Publishing Company Ltd.

Published: 1904 (7th Edition)

Pages: 52

Availability: Out of Print

Preface by Will Phillips

Foreword (by B. H. Crookes)

Spiritualism Viewed by the Light of Modern Science

Experimental Investigation of a New Force

Psychic Force and Modern Spiritualism

Notes of an Enquiry into the Phenomena called Spiritual during the years 1870-73

Miss Florence Cook's Mediumship


The Last of Katie King

Sir William Crookes Addresses the British Association for the Advancement of Science


The Reality of Katie King

Independent Testimony as to the Mediumship of Florence Cook by Arthur Conan Doyle

My Spirit Child - Florence Marryat's experiences with Florence Cook in materialisation phenomena by Florence Marryat



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