Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc. (Hons)

Pearson began his professional career by inventing a new kind of engine he called a "Gas Wave Turbine" which he subsequently developed to the demonstration stage. Became a research officer at NGTE working on jet engines. Spent the latter half of his career as a university lecturer in mechanical engineering, specialising in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He switched to physics after retirement.

Journal of Consciousness Studies Rejection Letter of 21st January 1996 for Pearson's Paper "Quantum Gravitation: The Key to Consciousness"

 - Ronald Pearson -

Dear Michael Roll,

As it stands the rejection looks reasonable because it implies it was assessed "fairly and openly". The truth is very different. Both rejection letters made absolutely no reference to anything in the paper. Both simply extolled the perfection of general relativity as the best possible theory of gravity which could ever be devised and that was it!

It was very clear that both assessors had simply looked at the title, guessed the contents and never bothered to read the text.

The content was that an attempt to find a theory of quantum gravity led to the need to explore the existence of a background medium consisting of a mixture of particles made of negative as well as positive energy. Then that the mathematical consequence was the emergence of a structure having the potential to evolve a conscious intelligence. It was then inferred that the mind or consciousness could be immortal, existing as an part of this structure.

It was almost a copy of the presentation in Russia in 1993 entitled, Quantum gravitation and the structured ether and subsequently re-named, Consciousness as a Sub-quantum phenomenon and published in 1997 in "Frontier Perspectives".

A further note

I received a letter from a diamond merchant called Lennie Teal in November 1994 which I have been trying to find in my Lennie Teal file but all I can find is my reply dated 19/11/94 to him. But I can remember the contents. He said he had given a copy of the 1993 Russian paper to Sir Roger Penrose at a conference on consciousness that October and that he had read it avidly sitting in the middle of the front row during a lecture by Rupert Sheldrake. Lennie said he looked quite rude, just looking up now and again. Then before Lennie could grab him for an opinion and before the discussion, Penrose dashed out of the door and did not re-appear.

Of course Penrose is on the advisory board of the above journal so I thought his interest meant he must be an ally. So after receiving the Journal of Consciousness Studies rejection I wrote to him direct for support. Not receiving a reply I wrote again pointing out the contents of the letter from Teal. Again no reply. Also after the Frontier Perspectives later rejection I noticed Penrose name had appeared on their panel also.


Ronald Pearson



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