Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc. (Hons)

Pearson began his professional career by inventing a new kind of engine he called a "Gas Wave Turbine" which he subsequently developed to the demonstration stage. Became a research officer at NGTE working on jet engines. Spent the latter half of his career as a university lecturer in mechanical engineering, specialising in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He switched to physics after retirement.

Letter to Psychic News January 24th 2001

 - Ronald Pearson -

Ronald Pearson responds to the Society of Psychical Research and talks of progress made in America

          PROFESSOR Bernard Carr must be faced with a most difficult task in trying to satisfy the opposing factions of the SPR and he has my sympathies. His statement that he has never branded me a maverick or made any public statement of his opinion about my theories is also true. Some clarification is needed, however, so I feel it necessary to say how this arose. He did indeed permit me a twenty minute presentation at the SPR conference of 1996 and I appreciate this. During lunch I managed to seek him out to see if he, as a cosmologist, could give me any idea why all the papers I had submitted to scientific journals, in an attempt to help solve outstanding problems in cosmology, had all been rejected, despite no assessor being able to find a single flaw in the logic.

I can remember his answer very clearly. Indeed I wrote it down and it was: "You are well known in cosmology circles: as a Maverick! No journal is ever going to publish any of your work". It was a personal reply to my question and not a public statement. I also appreciate his frankness: I was not seeking palliatives. Furthermore he was not branding me personally but only telling me the consensus opinion of his colleagues.

Of interest to Psychic News, however, is that the paper which had been rejected by both the 'Journal of Consciousness Studies' and the SPR was finally accepted and published by 'Frontier Perspectives' Spring/Summer 1997 issue under the title, 'Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon'. This scientific journal is run by Temple University in the USA. The Editor, Nancy Kolenda, called it "A distinguished paper" and said she felt it would be an honour if I submitted future papers.

It started by providing a solution to a 16 year old problem which arose from the theorists inability to find a way of switching off their 'Big Bang' and called, the 'Cosmological Constant'. This then led to a theory showing that mind was part of a background medium having the potential to be immortal. It ties in physics with the knowledge of people who read PN and should have been just the kind of publication which the SPR needs. But physicists insist mind = brain, full stop.

It has become very clear that physicists have been secretly operating a 'closed shop' for many years and this is still stifling much needed progress. You don't believe me? Then log onto the website of Dr. Brian Martin, a physicist who has become so disillusioned that he has switched to a study of suppression by people of his own discipline. He alleges that it is pointless to present any paper, regardless of merit, unless one has a PhD in physics and is able to write from a prestigious address, such as a university. But they never admit this is their policy.

The result is that theorists are still struggling with problems for which solutions have been available for years. For example, Brian Greene in his book, 'The Elegant Universe' published in 1999, is making an enthusiastic attempt to explain 'superstring-theory': the present spearhead of mainstream physics. On page 225 he admits that they are still unable to solve the problem of the Cosmological Constant and also states on page 211... 'physicists have not as yet been able to make predictions with the precision necessary to confront experimental data', followed by, 'Is string theory right? We just don't know.' This theory is incompatible with the existence of any background medium and so cannot accept the survival of mind. So theorists make every effort to discredit any evidence which could injure their paradigms.

If the SPR is to throw off the impression it has been subverted by infiltration to down-play survival, then Professor Carr is going to have to prove himself a very strong leader. I do not envy his task and it is my hope he will rise to the challenge.

Dr. Brian Martin author of 'Suppression Stories' & Fund for Intellectual Dissent, Box U129 Wollongong University NSW2500, Australia. www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/dissent/documents


* Please note that the ISS does not necessarily endorse the views above. They are merely presented for the reader to consider.



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