Justine Kerner


          NOTED GERMAN poet and physician of Weinsberg; author of a remarkable record of supernormal phenomena and experiments in magnetic therapeutics. 

In 1845 he published a book entitled The Seeress of Prevost; or Openings-up into the Inner Life of Man, and Mergings of a Spirit World into the World of Matter. In Germany the book made a great sensation. 

Kerner's reputation was very high. King Ludwig of Bavaria in 1848 and the King of Wurttemberg in 1858 bestowed pensions upon him, while King Frederick William IV of Prussia expressed his admiration in 1848 by sending him the gold medal of art and science. King Ludwig made him the first knight of the newly instituted Maximilian Order of Science and Art.

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).



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