Montague Keen

Montague Keen

          PRINCIPAL AUTHOR (with Professor David Fontana and the late Professor Arthur Ellison) of the 'Scole Report' (1999), a detailed examination of the physical phenomena produced during sittings with a mediumistic group, and published by the Society for Psychical Research, where he was secretary of its Survival Research Committee and Chair of its Image Committee. A lifelong member of the SPR and a former Parliamentary journalist, he spent 25 years as an Editor specialising in agriculture. A prizeman of the Royal Agricultural College, he farmed in East Anglia for over 30 years, and was formerly head of the Parliamentary and Legal department of the National Farmers Union of England and Wales. He acted for three years as scientific adviser to the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, but towards the end of his career he concentrated on psychical research with special emphasis on the evidence for survival.

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