Eileen Garrett

Eileen Garrett

          ONE OF the best trance mediums of Britain. She first contacted psychical research at the time of the Stella C. experiments at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research in 1913 as a sitter. She had spontaneous experiences before but did not take much notice. Mrs. Kelway Bamber was the first to persuade her to develop her gifts. Hewat McKenzie took her in hand at the British College of Psychic Science, and in four years her powers unfolded to a remarkable degree.

Mrs. Garrett's regular control was an Arab, Uvani. In a sitting at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research on October 7, 1930, two days after the explosion of the R101, Flight Lieutenant H. C. Irwin, Captain of the airship, suddenly possessed the entranced Mrs. Garrett, announced his presence and gave the listeners (Mr. Harry Price, Mr. Ian D. Coster and Miss Ethel Beenbarn) a highly technical account of how the airship crashed. The narrative was taken down in shorthand and a copy was submitted to the Air Ministry. According to the opinion of experts, a number of observations in the message tallied in every detail with what was afterwards found in the course of the official inquiry. E. F. Spanner, the well-known naval architect and marine engineer, came to exactly the same conclusions in his book, The Tragedy of the R101.

In 1932-33 Mrs. Garrett toured for twenty months the United States and had been subjected at the John Hopkins University and at the New York Psychiatric Institute to important psychiatric and psycho-analytic experiments which went a long way to prove the independent personality of her controls.

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).



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