Montague Keen

Montague Keen

Journalist, agricultural administrator, magazine editor and farmer. A member of the Council of the Society for Psychical Research for 55 years, chairman of its Image and Publicity Committee and secretary of its Survival Research Committee, he was principal investigator of the Scole Group of physical mediums, and author of the Scole Report, published in the Proceedings of the SPR (Vol 54 Pt 220) in 1999 with his co-investigators Professors Arthur Ellison and David Fontana.

Why is the Ark Review Hostile to the Scole Experiments?

 - Montague Keen -

From Psychic News, May 1999.

Mr John Samson has drawn attention (April 29) to the regrettable manner in which The Ark Review has treated the publication of the Scole Report, issued as part of the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research.

This is all the more surprising considering what several distinguished critics have said about it. Dr Crawford Knox, who was one of the referees, and whose speech at the SPR's recent study day on the Report won by far the most prolonged applause, has written that it "will place on a firm footing evidence for the existence of a spirit world and its impact on our everyday world, and for survival of death".

Professor Archie Roy, who sat with the Scole Group has said that it "will become a benchmark against which all other serious investigations of this nature will be measured", while the distinguished author Colin Wilson, has called it "one of the great documents of psychical research... a classic... and one of the most important reports the society has ever published".

One might have imagined that since the Noah's Ark Society is dedicated to the promotion of physical mediumship and phenomena, and that what happened at Scole between 1993 and 1998 was a direct and impressive outcome from a group led by a founder of the Society, a more temperate assessment of the evidence and its significance would have been encouraged. Instead, the Editor of the NAS has decided to allow no further correspondence in his journal, and thereby to suppress a detailed refutation from me, (as the principal author), of several criticisms appearing in earlier issues.

Montague Keen


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