Ronald D. Pearson

Ronald D. Pearson B.Sc. (Hons)

Retired University Lecturer and Scientist Ronald Pearson is calling upon all psychics, mediums, remote viewers and dowsers to participate in an extraordinary psychic experiment. His proposed experiment could help save the planet!

An Extraordinary Psychic Experiment

 - Ronald Pearson -

          SCIENCE IS showing us that the planet is fraught with danger from floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, asteroid impact and the like. Unfortunately mathematical predictions of the times when such events are likely to strike are generally unreliable. It is just possible that the focused efforts of many psychics acting in unison might be able to help solve the problem and consequently help save the lives of many people.


Such a conjecture is supportable by my own physical theory, which has achieved publication in Russian conference proceedings and in a scientific journal(1), so that it can at least be claimed to have some credibility. This shows, from opposite energy dynamics, that each mind is interconnected with all other minds at a basic level though separated temporarily by deliberate information filter-barriers to give each of us the illusion of being a separate individual. All minds, according to this mathematical theory, are part of the background structure of the universe. This structure, I call the "iether" (intelligent-ether), interconnects everything in the universe. It knows where everything is and is capable of accurately predicting what is going to happen in the future. Psychics have the ability to extract information directly from the iether and this enables them to come up with the same predictions.


Reliability is unfortunately impaired by either each mind or each brain inputting its own imaginings and it can be difficult to separate out this 'noise' from the signal. This is why it is necessary to have the inputs from a large number of psychics operating independently. Then a statistical analysis ought to enable us to separate the wheat from the chaff.


There is also plenty of experimental evidence available to support the theory that accurate prediction is possible. For example, a well-known psychic Christopher Robinson, was being assessed over in America by the psychologist Professor Gary Schwartz. They were startled by his dream of airliners crashing into the twin towers in New York, giving details of people jumping out of windows. They alerted the authorities but were ignored.


Nobody can blame the authorities for not treating this information seriously because it is difficult to be sure that such dreams are truly precognitive. This proposed experiment is aimed to eliminate this uncertainty and so help gain credibility when similar situations arise in the future.


Now we come to the experiment. There is a super volcano called a "caldera" grumbling away under the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming USA, co-ordinates 1110W 440N. Geologists have discovered that it has erupted regularly every 600,000 years and the last eruption was just 600,000 years ago. On a geological time scale, this could mean that it could happen during the next 10,000 years. The timing of the next event is of more than academic interest, however, because when it does go off it will do so with a vengeance.


A caldera is different from an ordinary volcano. Molten magma gradually collects over a wide area of something like 20 by 30 kilometres pushing up the crust during an immense period of time. Ultimately the crust cracks and the pressure is released. Then gas comes out of solution in the magma causing it to bubble like champagne when uncorked. Then the whole thing blasts into the atmosphere with such force as to instantly destroy every living thing within a radius of 1000 kilometres! The entire land area of the USA would be covered with ash to a depth of 10 cms or so and the entire atmosphere of Earth would be filled with thick dust. This would blot out the sun for about three years so nothing would grow in the ensuring nuclear type winter! If we knew when this was going to happen some precautions could be taken to ensure the survival of humankind and as many species as possible. This could be done by the large-scale storage of food for both selected animals and human beings. It might also be possible to arrange for artificial lighting and heating inside huge canopies for growing vegetables. It is therefore well worth trying an experiment to see if psychics could give a date: something nobody else could do!


If there is just a random scatter over the 10,000 years then the experiment will have failed. This would not mean prediction is impossible, however, it would mean that the iether is unwilling to release the information on this particular topic. But if a well-defined peak appears in the plotted out results a date could be inferred and the authorities alerted.


So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain for very little cost and effort. If it succeeds then a powerful tool will have been demonstrated, which could be targeted at the prediction of other catastrophic events.


I invite as many people as possible to try and guess a date, fill in the form, or copy it and post it to me. I need at least 100 values otherwise the experiment will not be worth assessing. I hope for up to 1000 values. I promise to publish the results in a few weeks in Psychic News.


Send the form to:

Ron Pearson, Curbar Edge, 2 Rowlands Close, Bathford, Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom. BA1 7TZ



Please give a date, the year only, for eruption of the Yellowstone caldera

* I sat in circle and after meditation we came up with: (give each individual value written down and not given out to the rest of the members verbally to avoid auto-suggestion)


* I am not a medium. I just made a guess on my own and this is:


* I am a medium, healer/member of a meditation circle: (please cross out what is inapplicable)


* I used pendulum dowsing over a map at 1110W, 441N asking questions. My date is:


* I did not pendulum dowse, I just guessed and my date is:


* I am a remote viewer, and I used CRV/ERV/TRV (please cross out what is inapplicable). My date is:


* I am a medium. I did not pendulum dowse and my date is:


* I am a medium. I did pendulum dowse and my date is:


* I used another method (state method) I am/am not a medium. My date is:






(1) Reference: Pearson R. D. Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomenon Frontier Perspectives vol 6, No 2, Spring / Summer 1997

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